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Vitruvian MAN - Hashing Google

Published April 15, 2020 5:20 PM by Vitruvian MAN Disciple | @rjstadium Super Bowl | #rjstadium 2021 | About | #rjstadium @rjstadium rjstadium Vitruvian MAN | rjstadium Tampa Bay FLA | About | Vitruvian MAN | Last Super Bowl - @miasbliv - #miasbliv | #vitruvianman | #circusofalifetime | tampabaylv

"Raymond James Stadium: On February 7, 2021 the 55th Super Bowl LV will be held at Ray Jay; NFL Location; Tampa Florida by Vitruvian MAN. Who’s gonna go to the super bowl 2021”.” ....


Vitruvian MAN: rjstadium: Raymond James Stadium information about @rjstadium Location, at rjstadium. Known as "Ray Jay".  Who is #vitruvianman? Why are you #gonnagotothesuperbowl in 2021? About knowing how-to #SBLV the #ShowofaLifetime.


Like #miasbliv, and like #tampabaylv what you need to know.

- Vitruvian MAN