New Super Bowl Songs 
Vitruvian Man and Melissa Etheridge

Published Jan 23, 2020 by “Super Bowl Songs” Fan | “2020 Super Bowl” Songs | “Going to the Super Bowl” Music “News” | 2020 New “Artist” News | About | New |Super Bowl Songs Vitruvian Man and Melissa Etheridge” 2020 | Vitruvian MAN Song “Gonna Go TO the Super Bowl” | Melissa Etheridge Song Chiefs “Going to the Super Bowl” | The SB Champion Ship Game February 2, 2020 | BATTLE | AFC Champions “Chiefs” Against NFC Champions “49ers” | Filed of Play Venue | Hard Rock Stadium | @metheridge | #metheridge | @gonnagotothesuperbowl | #gonnagotothesuperbowl | @miasbliv | #miasbliv | Next 55th SB LV | Tampa Bay Florida | @tampabaylv | #tampabayLV

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