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Super Bowl LIV:  Super Bowl 2020 to be played in Miami Dade County, Florida. And the "stadium location" @ "Hard Rock Stadium" in the "City of Miami Gardens" on February 2, 2020. The "Next 2021 Super Bowl" will be held on "February 7, 2021 Tampa Bay LV"."  go to | Stadium Location" see; 2021 "Raymond James Stadium" look here; see 1369 code ....


First, the Conference Championship games must be played between "NFL AFC Teams" Titans  and Chiefs. And "NFL NFC Teams" Packers and 49ers. The winning AFC Team and NFC Team winners will be crowned  the "2020 Conference Champions" teams "Gonna go to the "2020 Superbowlliv" big game. 


Don't miss the "NFL Pro Bowl" 2020. The "NFC and AFC Pro Bowl" will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The location is at "Camping World Stadium" in Orlando, FLA. See; 


"NFL News: NFL News about the drafts, the players, their teams, and the games. From regular season, to playoffs. The Wild Card games, Divisional Rounds, to AFC and NFC Conference Championships to Super Bowl Championship. From #miasbliv to the 2021, Next 55 the Super Bowl LV @tampabaylv”.” - Vitruvian MAN