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AFC and NFC Conference Championship Games

Published Jan 19, 2020 9:20 AM by “AFC and NFC Championship” FAN | "NFL Teams Conference" “Titans or Chiefs” Fan | “Packers or 49ers Fan | Who’s “Gonna Go To the Super Bowl” News | About | AFC “Conference Championship” #Titans or #Chiefs to “Super Bowl” | OR | NFC “Conference Championship#Packers or #49ers to “Super Bowl” | 1st Game | AFC Conference Championship Playing LIVe | Arrowhead Stadium | Sunday January 19 2020 | 2nd Game | NFC Conference Championship Playing LIVe | Levi’s Stadium | Sunday January 19 2020 | 54th Super Bowl LIV | #miasbliv | @miasbliv | #hardrockstadium | February 2, 2020 | Next Super Bowl Game | Sunday February 7 2021


NFL: NFL Teams Conference – NFL’s AFC and NFC Conference Championship. “About the NFL’s AFC and NFC Championship FANs of the Titans or Chiefs Fan. Or the Packers or 49ers Fan. And who’s Gonna Go To the Super Bowl News; about the AFC Conference Championship #Titans or #Chiefs or NFC Conference Championship” #Packers or #49ers to Super Bowl”.” 


The 1st Game: NFL Teams - “Titans or Chiefs”. This NFL’s AFC Conference Championship Playing LIVe at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday January 19 2020. And the 2nd Game: NFL Teams “#Packers or 49ers”. This NFL’S NFC Conference Championship Playing LIVe; Levi’s Stadium on Sunday January 19 2020.


Th winner of the NFC Conference Championship, and the winner of the NFC Conference Championship will advance to the “54th Super Bowl LIV”. See; #miasbliv or @miasbliv. At the #hardrockstadium on February 2, 2020. Preparing for the Next Super Bowl LV Game on Sunday February 7, 2021. The location will be Tampa Bay Florida. At the Raymond James Stadium in 2021. – Super Bowl Freak


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