AFC Conference Championship Titans Chiefs 
Going to the Super Bowl

Published Jan 19, 2020 9:20 AM by “AFC Championship” FAN | “Titans or Chiefs” Fan | “Gonna Go To the Super Bowl” News | About | AFC “Conference Championship” #Titans or #Chiefs to “Super Bowl” | AFC Conference Championship Playing LIVe | Arrowhead Stadium | Sunday January 19 2020 | 54th Super Bowl LIV | #miasbliv | @miasbliv | miasbLIV | Super Bowl Game to be Played on Sunday February 2 2020 | “Hard Rock Stadium” | Next ”55th Super Bowl LV | Sunday February 7 2021 | Location “Raymond James Stadium” | Tampa Bay Florida 2021 | #tampabaylv


AFC NFL: “AFC Conference Championship. Official NFL teams Titans against Chiefs; winner will go to Super Bowl LV. About the AFC Championship FANs for Titans or Chiefs Fans. About who’s “Gonna Go To the Super Bowl” News. And about the AFC “Conference Championship” winners #Titans or #Chiefs one team will go to the 54th Super Bowl LIV”.”


Today is the “AFC Conference Championship” Playing LIVe at Arrowhead Stadium. Today’s game; Sunday January 19, 2020. The Winner will advance to the 54th Super Bowl LIV. Known as “#miasbliv” Super Bowl 2020. The Big Game to be Played on Sunday February 2 2020. Location in the “Hard Rock Stadium”.


The Next ”55th Super Bowl LV will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2021" at the NFL Location “Raymond James Stadium” in Tampa Bay Florida 2021. See #tampabaylv or @tampbayLV, and tampabaylv. - Vitruvian MAN