Pepsi Halftime Show 2020 News 
Shakira JLO Co Headline Super Bowl

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"Pepsi Halftime: Showing  the Halftime Show" on Fox 2020 News. About Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to Co Headline Super Bowl Show by Marcus Giavanni"."


"Marcus Giavanni Worldwide" covering the Pepsi Show News. Go to GP7A Football Entertainment, about the Pepsi Halftime Show 2020 News. About Shakira and JLO to Co Headline the Super Bowl; Pepsi Halftime Show on 02.02.2020.


The Halftime Co- headliners will be Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Showing off their Music, Dance and Love of All.
Where is the stadium for game will be held at #hardrockstadium. With #jlo and #shakira in #miami.
Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are heading to #miamigardens by way of #rocnation and #nfl.


Who's #gonnagotothesuperbowl at Hard Rock Stadium? Everyone who is there.


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