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MIASBLIV: "Miasbliv 2020 to TAMPABAYLV - Tampabaylv 2021; as the Miami Super Bowl 2021 Hosting Committee prepares for the "NFL century celebration" and their "54th Super Bowl Game LIV" in the "City of Miami Gardens" at the "2020 NFL Hard Rock Stadium". And now the Tampa Bay LV Hosting Committee is preparing for the "55th Super Bowl LV".


The real story were the outcomes of the 2020 Playoff "Divisional Round" between the "Vikings 10 against 49ers 27" and the 49ers are advancing to the NFC Championship Game to be played on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at Levi's Stadium located at 4900 Marie P Debartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054. The 49ers will play the winner of the Sunday's January 12, 2020 Divisional Round between "Texans against Chiefs".


The predicted Divisional Round upset was the "Titans 28 against Ravens 12" and the Titans will now go to the AFC Championship to be played on Sunday, January 19, 2020. But first 2020 Playoff "Divisional Round" between "Seahawks against Green Bay" to be played today on Sunday, January 12, 2020 the winner of this game will host the AFC Championship game; either in Houston, or Kansas City stadiums.



Tampa Bay LV: About #tampabaylv and @tampabaylv is the Super Bowl Committee 2021 for the "55th Super Bowl LV". The current 2020 Super Bowl Committee is "#miasbliv" or "Miami Super Bowl Hosting Committee"; #GonnaGoTotheSuperBowl.

Published Jan 4, 2020 4:20 AM Updated; Jan 4, 2020 by Miami Super Bowl Committee Fan | 54th Super Bowl Hosting Committee | GP7A News “miasbliv” | About | Miami Super Bowl Committee 2020 miasbliv | #miasbliv | @miasbliv | Super Bowl - The Committee | Chairman and President “Rodney Barreto” The Barreto Group | Bill Talbert - #billtalbert | Stacy Ritter - #stacyritter | Bruce Jay Colan - #brucejaycolan | Tom Garfinkel - #tomgarfinkel “Miami Dolphins” and “Hard Rock Stadium” | Nat Moore “#Badass” #natmoore Miami Dolphins | Matt Allen - #mattallen | Jim Allen - #jimallen “Hard Rock International” | Dr. Paula Hopkins - #draulahopkins “PepsiCo Beverage Company” | Video Filmed at “Fontainebleau” 

Committee: Committee Miami Super Bowl for  the "54th Super Bowl LIV". About the Hosting Committee by I'm Going to the Super Bowl. See “miasbliv” go "Miami Super Bowl" Committee 2020 "#miasbliv" and "@miasbliv" #GoingtoSuperbow.

Hosting Committee: Hosting Super Bowl Committee 2020 board of Directors are the Who’s Who of Industry Leaders. This years 2020 Super Bowl Committee is headed by the Chairman and President Chairman Rodney Barreto - #rodneybarreto of “The Barreto Group”. 


Next is line is Director Bill Talbert at #billtalbert. Bill Talbert President and CEO of the “Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau” (GMCVB). And Director Stacy Ritter is the President and CEO of “Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau” (GFLCVB) at #stacyritter.


Director Bruce Jay Colan at #brucejaycolan. Is an Attorney at Holland and Knight Law Firm. The go to law firm for all your legal needs The there’s Tom Garfinkel at #tomgarfinkel “Miami Dolphins” and “Hard Rock Stadium” on September 9, 2013 was named President and CEO of #miamidolphins and #hardrockstadium.


Director Nat Moore “#Badass” #natmoore Miami Dolphins at 5’9” you would think he was 6’4”and with 2nd record of 74 touchdowns, that still holds to this day. Nat Moore is Senior Vice President of Special Projects and Alumni Relations. And is an awesome father of 5 children.



County Chairman Matthew Allen - #mattewallen, and County Chairman Jose Mas - #josemas, and County Chairwoman Jessica Goldman Srebnick - #jessicagoldmansrebnick, along with Jim Allen - #jimallen is Chairman of “Hard Rock International” what a negotiator! And County Chairman Eric Silagy - #ericsilagy, and Director Verdenia C Baker - #verdeniabaker. And Director Brian May - #brianmay. And Albert E. Dotson - #albertdotson. And Director Oscar Feldenkreis - #oscarfeldenkreis. Along with Director Tony Coley - #tonycoley. And Director Robert L Garner - #robertgarner.


Director Dr. Paula Hopkins - #draulahopkins “PepsiCo Beverage Company the most powerful woman in the Beverage industry in South Florida!


The MIA SB LIV Executives are as followed: Executive Director Ray Martinez - #raymartinez. And our military hero serving in the United States Marine Corps. Another #badass for sure! Our best friend and go to guy VP/Partnership and Marketing Brian D. Bishop - #brianbishop. And VP/Producer Super Bowl Live and Events Randi Freedman - #randifreedman. And VP/Business Connect and Legacy Projects Rashad Thomas - #rashadthomas. And VP/Communications and Marketing Janelle Prieto - #janelleprieto. With VP/Volunteer Program Elle Kehoe - #ellekehoe is a #badasswoman in deed! Continue Story Click Here


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