Go Super Bowl: "Gonna Go To the Super Bowl" Official Song 2020. Go to the Super Bowl 2020 

Published Nov 28, 2019 11:59 PM by Gonna Go | Super Bowl Official Song | GP7A Super Bowl News | About | 2020 Gonna Go To The Super Bowl Official Song | #gonnagotothesuperbowl | #vitruvianman | #superbowlLIV | #hardrockstadium | #fontainebleau | #Maimi "Who? Vitruvian MAN. What? Official Super Bowl Song. When? February 2, 2020. Where? Miami, Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. - Vitruvian MAN"." Got to; https://goo.gl/maps/F4wM6i6aCs2EKk6M6 You can visit Vitruvian MAN at https://www.vitruvianman.net Song: Gonna Go To the Super Bowl: : Vitruvian MAN Vocals. Producer and Arrangements, Lyrics, New works; Marcus Giavanni. Executive Producer; Brandon Haze Johnson. Beat by Tone Jones; Oh Oh Oh Oh