Super Bowl: When is Super Bowl 2020 and What Stadium Will IT Be Played - Hard Rock stadium - #miasbLIV

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"Gonna Go to the Super Bowl: This soon to be released Music Video. Gonna go to the Super Bowl music video is about a couple going to the Super Bowl". And when they arrive Hard Rock Stadium is closed"." - Vitruvian MAN Circus of a Lifetime This is a documentary portion of the scene when they arrive in the Red Zone in a Lamborghini Hurcan (Red) ... When all along it's a dream, they both shared. Dreaming of Going to the 54th Super Bowl LIV in the celebration of 100 Years of NFL Play.

What Teams Will Be Going to Super Bowl 2020?

What #nfl teams are going to the "54th Super Bowl LIV" Now, at week 13 and with 4 more games in the 2020 NFL Season. Lets start with the American Football Conference; two teams? The #patriots and #ravens. Sorry, no Wild Card teams are figured.


The National Football Conference; two teams? The #49ers and#saints. The 49ers are the darlings. And the Saint are the Come back team; with a grudge, and with the umpires. 


SEE; "Saints: We Were Robbed! As of today. Super Bowl Prediction is Patriots vs 49ers; with honorable mention the Saints